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ALT-J // For our anniversary I took Jon to see one of our favorite bands. If you aren’t familar with alt-j, they are a four man alternative group that sing some beautiful and fascinating songs that seem to fill your heart with so much joy and creative ju-ju. On our first date, Jon and I got into a discussion about what are favorite bands and singers were– in order not to look like a middle-school teenage girl I refrained from shouting out that I love Taylor Swift and said Alt-j instead. Come to find out Jon and I have the same exact music taste (minus TSwift even though he lets me jam out to her on long car rides).

take a listen to my favorite alt-j song below // taro

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA // This past weekend Jon and I decided to head north to visit Flagstaff and Arizona. We took Daisy and Kai with us and they loved the woods and the water. My super-photogenic boyfriend let me use him as a model and we finished the night at a cozy wine bar with an acoustic set from a local artist. We had such a wonderful weekend together breathing in the sweet fresh air and the fell in love with our lives a little bit more.IMG_1676
J. HAYES // Reluctantly, Jon let me snap some photos of him and he is the best model. Maybe because I love him but forreal. Bae is a babe.
DAISY JANE SMITH // My sweet little baby girl had the best weekend on her first adventure. She is so excited to explore every inch of the woods and loved resting her head out the window as we drove through the beautiful town of Sedona.
KAI BEAUX // The baby boo went up this weekend for his fourth time and he is starting to love the water more and more. He loved climing the rocks and he is honetly the most athletic pup I have ever seen.
I LOVE YOU THE MOST // Thank you so much for being such a great boyfriend and taking me up north for the weekend and thank you for giving me inspiration to do something I love again.